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Sunday, April 3, 2011

The golden age of rapid transit

What alternate future is this? Actually, it's the past. Our 1972 to be exact.

Just trying out a theme.

ADDED APR-21-2011: It seems the Department Of Homeland Security now has an interest in this vehicle.

ADDED APR-26-2011: Now Goodrich Corporation is sniffing around. They own what little left there is of Rohr.

What they need to do is fly out to Pueblo. The Holy Grail is what they'll find there.


  1. Nice metal material, I'd love to see the how whole thing looks with mats

    The DHS? that sounds ominous

  2. I worked for the federal government for 12 years. Resigned just a few weeks ago from it. I would say "ominous" is a huge understatement. :)

    I'm working on the original paint job that was planned for this vehicle before it was covered in all white. I guess they would have called it the production color.