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Thursday, April 28, 2011

And to think I actually wanted to work there?

Trying a different glass material. Added a couple floors in the building. Hard to see them though. But real buildings don't reveal their floors all that great either.

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  1. This building is a government building in the game Fallout 3. Its look can be viewed either as before the nukes fell, or after extensive restoration.

    I admit that my titles are not the best for these posts. I worked for the federal government until very recently. And there are hardened buildings on various military bases I've had to travel to over the years. Some buildings I thought would be cool to work in at the time. But inside... only hell. A similar building off-base would be the central post office on Midway Drive. Built around the same time as this Fallout 3 building was. :)

    Next I'll add the sidewalk and street and lamp posts and a vehicle or two parked in front. Then render in Vue Infinite (pre-nuke era). Oh, btw. The game takes place in Washington D.C. But you probably already know that. I was late coming to the game.