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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Lost Survey Ship Footage

A quick preview quality (some OpenGL quality, too) animation from Vue 10 Infinite. Trying out the cinerama format. A widescreen version can be watched on YouTube.

Yes, I know. It's not quite as exciting as an Underground Racing video.


I tried recording as MP2 instead of with MP4 for this version. It's 720 x 480 instead of the original 720 x 400. So the text came out better at least.


  1. But still fun, a lot of times with recovered footage, it should be, "What am I looking at?" Followed by 'stop the tape!' moments lol, this reminds me of that. Nice start to this, and love the 'please stand by' at the end.

  2. Vue asked if I wanted to use a helicopter movement for the camera. I said, "Sure". I didn't think the ride would be that bumpy though. All Vue did was make sure I didn't run into anything.

    My next video will be more serious, and less practice session.

  3. Hey Shawn! Well this reminds me of lunar landing module footage but more fun and crazy - those tracks in the landscape are super real and give just the right 'touch'

    Oh so Vue takes control? Hey how cool is that. You know with Carrara there is Pycloid or similar which will accept input for a joystick ? The code was put on the forum yesterday or the day before - looks good!

    Me? Thanks for asking! I had a bike accident before Chrissi and cannot surf so I have been settling down to finsish some kids books. One daon one nearly finished and have some success attracting agents attention (but not their contracts! :) )

    I'll let you know!

    cheers from Oz: good to see these videos. Videos are a lot harder than stills.

  4. Hi, Andrew. I plan to improve on this quick draft scene. I wish there were more hours in a day!

    Anyway, I'm glad you are alive still.