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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Throw in some transportation

Got one vehicle in the scene so far. The "blimp" is ok from this distance. But I plan on adding more detail (viewing ports and railings (smokestacks?!)) to it for closer shots. It's farther behind the building than it looks. I need more haze to show that's that case. And I want to redo the banner hanging there. Make it look like more wind is hitting on it.

Here is a Nazi armored train in progress. This model will have to be very close to the camera somehow if it's even going to be seen with the entire view of the building in the background.

An alternate earth vue

I felt like working some more on my dystopian scene while an idea was still in my head from yesterday. This building will eventually be used in the background with some historical ruins in the forground. For now, I'm test-rendering a closer shot of the building to see how the default gray texture from Vue Infinite looks on it in this lighting.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Not now

Added some blur in Photoshop using the z-buffer thing. This guy is just not moving out of my way, is he? Or is it a she?

Oh, crap. Is today a federal holiday? That means this place is closed! I want my parking meter dime back then.

Monday, May 2, 2011

2050s modular architecture

It was quite often the case with 2050 Washington D.C. architecture that buildings were made modular and joined at their corners. These structures could then be used for various functions in society depending on the sizes created by such additions made to them.

The game Fallout 3 routinely uses this construction method throughout the D.C. area.