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Friday, April 29, 2011

Sidewalk surfing

Pouring more concrete. I goofed some on this. The sidewalk is lower than the ground plane. I guess I can drag the entire building, foundation, and sidewalk up some (as a group) after this model is imported into Vue.

Strike two! I just noticed the curb is too high. 15" at least. Watch your step there. Maybe no one will notice and I can start on the next block up the street? Some neighbors around here are going to be mad about this. Oh, well. Job security.

ADDED APR-30-2011: Ok. I shrunk the sidewalk by one-half. No more tripping over the curb.


  1. What are you using to model this in? Can't you edit the heights after modeling them?

    Textures are looking real good btw

  2. I use Hexagon to model in. I try to freeze a design as best I can in Hexagon first before I import into other apps like Vue because the scale of the models are different afterwards. And Vue does not export very well at all if I need to send a model back to Hexagon to make changes to.

    But I did sleep on it and this morning had the idea of simply re-sizing the curb and sidewalk down a bit while in Vue (shrink them about 1/2 size). And then continue do to my copy/paste routine of the sidewalk and curb objects with their littler size.

    This way I don't have to remodel anything in Hexagon and then try to import and re-scale again to match the current Vue scene's scale.

  3. The smaller sidewalk and curb looks better now. I shrunk all the pieces as a group within Vue.