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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Better late (fourty years) than never

I forgot I had made these. Side and top views of the Rohr Aerotrain.

I want to redo them using the commercial Rohr paint job from the '70s, instead of the current U.S. Federal DOT colors it still has out in some desert somewhere.

One last one for the road.


  1. Is this the same Rohr in Chula Vista Ca. on F street ?

  2. Yep. There used to be a huge plant where H street now dead-ends by the water.

  3. That area has changed so much after the redevelopment of the J street marina it brought much needed life to the south bay waterfront. Jeez i remember when i came out from Chicago in the early 80s i lived in Chula Vista for a year, there used to be a place called 24th st.pier people used to ride their dirt bikes in that area ..... What kind of software are you using for the Rohr illustration BTW ?

  4. These three images were done using Carrara and the Toon plugin for it.