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Saturday, April 30, 2016

CG, RPG, and COBOL (Well, not really COBOL. But close.)

Playing around with CameraBag.

The Loch Ness Monster was photographed much the same way that this location was. I happened to be on one of the north shores of Skyrim. I what to say it was around 4:00 pm, but you know how clouds and fog can sway that time value.

There's at least five Skyrim mods used in this scene, not counting the mod standing behind me when I took the picture (one of the many followers I've installed). I just now noticed that I can justify this text on both sides of the page. Well, howdy do bub. I'll have to see how this looks once it's posted here.

So I helped end my last play-through of Skyrim by ripping out mods I wasn't planning on using for my new game. I had done pretty much everything I had set out to do with that character. And for the last few days now, I've been swapping out (I want to say) 80 mods for 70 mods. So I'm actually 10 under what my last game used for total mods (I want to say I had 398 mods in my last game). And the game will be different because it's basically a different kind of game with the change in mods. Some of the mods have just come out in the last month. So that's like a new DLC for an old game right there, in my view.

Lots of patching to do still to get the new to work with the old. Old, as in Internet years, which is a quick four months now. That's how often Skyrim needs a heavy retrofitting. And styles change. One minute, dragons are in. The next minute, alchemy is all the rage. But I first check to see if a game change is something that will keep me through a play-through or not? Or will it be just a fad as usual?

An on top of this thought process going on, I'm thinking of what new character I should role-play in this altered world that I've left myself a few mysteries to be learned of?

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