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Sunday, July 24, 2011

What else can I age?

I love FotoSketcher! Here is my mine elevator with a Rowan tree from Martin Frost.

Here's another view with even more aging.

Finished this view by adding a hill and more plants.



This render shows the scene, minus 99% of the haze.

And this scene was shot early the next morning (funny, the same clouds were still there. Damn my playing God with nature!).

You can see the bare naked hill texture better in these two Vue renders. No postwork done on either.

I had to age this one though. Could not be helped.

Could not be helped with this one either.


Andrew Finnie mentioned some Xero-Graphics plugins to me. So I've been trying them out. This one kind of has an old '50s magazine photo look to it.

And here is a "photo" with a restored look to it, using both the Xero-Graphics and FotoSketcher filters.


  1. This is my favorite angle of all, good solid model and design and rustic materials going on . I am not a big fan of the mountain range perhaps needs to be tweaked a bit more to complete the scene.

  2. The mountain texture got washed out quite a bit from the haze in the scene. They are far enough away that I probably didn't need to use as much of the haze to make them look far away. If that makes sense. The reason why I have haze is because it's a bad habit I learned recently. My next scene will not have haze, if I can go cold turkey.

  3. Two thumbs up from me, I think the haze looks good, especially in the bottom pic, subtle but it adds plenty of depth. Still would be neat to see a non-haze scene from you though

  4. Brian, you read my mind. I woke up with the thought of turning off Vue's haze (aerial perspective setting). Because I liked the mountain color texture map that I worked hard on. Well, GeoControl did the work.

    I may have to change the Sun's direction to get the mountain ridges to show also. Damn that moving Sun. So many choices.

  5. Ok. I posted two more shots with no haze so the hill texture shows better.

  6. I love the mountain texture in the 4th one down, it really shines.

    That's the problem with playing God on the computer, you never know when to stop haha :D