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Friday, November 4, 2011

30% faster Vue rendering, I hope

I'm downloading Vue R10 Infinite from e-on right now. Render speeds are 30% faster than version 9, they say. So I am hoping for this with some test scenes of mine I plan to render after installing this new version.


  1. well does this mean you will make 30 percent more masterpieces? I hope so. It's amazing how a quick renederere can make an artists life so much better. Cheers from Oz :)

    Looking forward to seeing your new work

  2. Yes. Version 10 is faster at rendering for GR lit scenes. The pre-pass renders are calculated quicker.

    I hope the 30% faster renderings means I can do hi-res renders for print in 3D Artist magazine sooner when they need them next time. :)

    They printed a lo-res image of mine in issue #33.

  3. That's great news Shawn, that your work is being recognised.