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Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Making of Discovery One (part 8)

Modeled some pod bay doors last night. They come in two halves each.  I was watching some Hammer Film movies while doing these. Or at least I had the TV on in the background. I don't know what the movies were.

These doors gave me some good practice for modeling the antenna next. I was trying all kinds of concave shapes for them so that they fit right in the sliding groove thing. I felt like I was installing a garage door opener.

So many fan-made blueprints of this ship are so wrong. Kubrick destroyed 98% of the plan drawings so no one could make a sequel of his movie. A lot of the toy models used those pseudo plans. I blame the guys in Russia for at least making the plans look really '70s cool and all. They do look legit, with spaceship company names from the movie stamped on them.

In the meantime, I'm mostly modeling from the movie by eyeball. And from a model made for a space museum that is about half the size of the movie's model. Ha! For all I know, it could be a copy of the 2010 model that they have, and that I'm modeling stuff from. That would be bad.

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