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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Making of Discovery One (part 7)

I totally messed up on the UV mapping and flipped normals thing. I merged something wrong mesh-wise. So had to redo the segments. I'm halfway through that now, using a different technique. I'd be done with this model already if I didn't need to UV map stuff (so '90s). Some file got corrupted or something, and my previous saves were not loading either. Anyway, I loaded what I have so far of the model into Vue Infinite to do test renders before I do the other half. I was hoping to have the antenna done at this point.

I'm re-tweaking each segment as I redo them so that the light plays better with them, depending on the angle and distance I use for the Sun. This was rendered using a 50mm lens.


I remodeled three more segments. Here's a render with some stars.

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