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Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Making of Discovery One (part 5)

I thought I'd harden the edges and import what I have so far into Vue Infinite. I was curious about any polygon stretching that might be in the mesh. I've tried to keep the mesh as uniform as possible. I noticed a few disconnected vertices, so I'll fix those in Hexagon.

This is pretty much the distance I'll be rendering the model from. The lens I'm using is 50mm. Any closer, and my phong shading starts to give away the papier-mâché technique I've used here. And there is no paint on the model. So that causes imperfections to show on its surface as well with the lighting I'm using.

When I texture the model, it will look way better. Because Vue's renderer will finally have diffuse color to work with and something to give shading to properly. The bottom picture shows the window piece merged with the shell. I'll separate parts of the window to make glass textures for it. And I still need to make the exterior airlock door. I was busy this afternoon chamfering the edges of the pod bay doors, which I forgot to do while in NURBS mode. I wasn't sure I was going to keep the NURBS model at that time or not. I will say that this model is pretty much all polygon modeling at this point now because I've tweaked almost everything since converting the mesh from NURBS to polys. In other words, past the point of no return.

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