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Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Making of Discovery One (part 11)

My plan last night was to model the antenna for this thing. It's probably the most parabolic piece of design I have ever seen both in real and in imaginary life. And it's the subject for about 18 minutes of the movie. So it's kind of a big deal.

But when I opened my modeling app, of course a vacant window was pointing right at my main camera. So that's what I did while the TV was showing East of Eden in the studio background. I did three versions of the framed windows until I like how it looked. Again, I'm eyeballing all this stuff at this point. My model is definitely not canon.

My brother said something about the interior lighting would not be seen from outside of the ship. And combined with my theory of "the brighter the interior looks, the smaller the ship looks", I kept dimming the interior lights more and more to give the ship a bigger scale in size. Or at least, appear that it has some size.

This is a render from Carrara Pro, using a 100mm lens. It has no bump in the procedural texture being used for the hull plating. That is all set up in Vue Infinite for the final model renders. For now, this is just a draft render.

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