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Friday, September 25, 2015

The Making of Discovery One (part 10)

Last night I got out the tinsnips and began cutting out a hole, that I had marked with chalk first, where my "emergency airlock" (as Dave calls it) would be. I had no references to use other than pausing the movie and looking at some toy models on Pinterest. So as I do with 95% of my models, I eyeballed it. The airlock looks all right. Not to scale though. So I'll claim either insanity, or artist license.

Since I was in Carrara Pro at the time, I thought I'd do a draft render from that before importing the new mesh into Vue Infinite.

The photo looks scary to me. This ship is in deep space with no help or rescue if something goes wrong. Any minor glitch in my polygon skills could kill all on board from extreme decompression and exposure to vacuum.

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