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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Playing with MatchMover HD 4

I'm having a blast creating REALVIZ RZML files. But one slight snag got in the way. Vue Infinite 7.1 does not have a shadow catcher. That would explain why the Vue renders I've seen have the camera pointed at the sky and not the ground.

So now where to go?

Yes! I looked at the file formats that Carrara Pro 5.1 can import. And RZML is listed. And I just happen to have DCG's Shadow Catcher plugin for it. I'm doing a movie render right now with my Carrara render camera pointed down at the sidewalk in an AVI clip that's been anilyzed by MatchMover HD 4. I bought the Vue Infinite 6 edition of MatchMover thinking that it would only export to Vue Infinite 6. But I'm glad it works with Carrara, too.

Watch the rendered scene now.

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